An inspired addition to the company's arsenal, the workshop was added to facilitate and aid the ever increasing needs of our technical and mechanical services. The company’s workshop facilitates our multi-pronged indulgence with marine and industrial activities, and our promise to provide customers with first-class dedicated repairs and maintenance services. This full-fledged, well equipped and dedicated 24/7 in-house workshop, adequately manned with qualified and motivated staff and experienced engineers supplies a wide range of mechanical, technical and fabrication solutions.

MSCL workshop spans 2000 m2 covered and 5000 m2 open area and houses shops for machining, fabrication, electrical works, mechanical jobs, welding, sand blasting, painting, re-winding, HVAC duct fabrication and NDT operations. Workshop is continuously being upgraded with latest tools and equipment essential to support our activities. In addition, to providing these services at the workshop we pride ourselves in the ability to mobilize a large number of said services to our job sites. Thus, adding a unique dimension to our workshop activates.

Our mobile service teams are equipped and capable to operate independently at customers’ site anywhere in the Kingdom for extended periods. As dependable partners we also provide rider teams to our customers at anytime and anywhere; fully equipped to sail and perform complete repair, during voyage.

MSCL boosts a full-fledged, well equipped dedicated 24/7 in house workshop, adequately manned with qualified and experienced engineers, motivated staff and …. dependable teams.