The Heritage:

Founded in 1975 as part of “Al-Zakir Bokhari Group”, the company under skillful dedication and meticulous guidance has grown and mastered its multifaceted abilities to offer specialized consultancy, management and engineering solutions to Industrial and Marine sectors of Saudi Arabia. Management’s humble and continuous efforts towards meeting the challenge of establishing robust, long-term and reliable alliances with customers and valued partners world-wide is acknowledged locally and internationally.

Always marching to our unique beat, MSCL, its people and its management have strived to foster a feeling of family atmosphere at the work place. Working together to accomplish our common goals we have produced and protected the sense of belonging and comradery.

With operational branches in Makkah, Dammam, Rabigh, Ras Tanura and Abha, MSCL possess the ability to provide it services to all major markets within The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The People:

Marine Services is a melting pot for talented workers and highly qualified international and local employees. Our exceptional work force remains committed to carefully upholding the principles of quality service and integrity of knowledge that defines this company.

Company has invested heavily in training and promoting local manpower and is fully committed to ensure that we produce strong and vibrant local work force.

Our profound appreciation to all those who have contributed and those who continue contributing diligently towards our common goal of ‘excellence in service’, and enable us to proudly stand where we do today.

The Culture:

Company’s high performance stems from its strong business values, work ethics and steadfast commitment for timely deliveries to our customers. Continuous and balanced augmentation of resources, infrastructure, individual training, and up-gradation of skills, technology and Integrated Management System contributes positively towards our high service quality, health and safety standards.
Management’s focused commitment towards environment sustainability, mitigation of risks and financial development places us in-rank with front runners. MSCL’s culture fosters an environment that continuously fortifies its strengths and quickly identifies and remedies its shortcomings.

The Vision:

Marine Services is interacting dynamically with multitudes of clients and continuous to fine tune its services to meet the expectations of customers and employees at individual or industrial level.

Eyes fixed firmly to the horizon we aim to seamlessly fuse new technologies, our experiences, client feedbacks and our expertise to derive strong, reliable and lasting service and technical solutions.

With a strong foothold in the Saudi Arabian Marine and Industrial Landscape, MSCL continues to look for new opportunities, business ventures and sectors to explore while remaining determined to strengthen our ties with the community.

The Attitude:

The company and its people are ever ready to meet new challenges and opportunities with the same enthusiasm and attitude, “Do It Right the First Time & Do It Right Every Time”.